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Bella Isis and family
From left to right: Bella Isis (me), my handsome two sons, their wives and my little munchkins (a/k/a grand babies!) Halloween 2019

Welcome Beloved!

I’m Bella Isis, and you might know me from my Youtube channel “LearnSpellCasting”. Welcome to my new page online!

This site is dedicated to all who would like to learn how to cast spells for themselves (and not get ripped off by scammers), find self-empowering messages, ask questions, get a tarot reading, horoscope consultation – or even initiations!

My background: born in August, 1955 (my son made me younger by typing 65′ – if it were only so easy! lol) by two immigrant parents (one Haitian, one Cuban), I grew up in a household of magic!

At the age of 5 initiated into the religion of Vodoun in Louisiana.

At the age of 8 initiated into the Regla de Ocha (better known as “Santeria”) in Havana, Cuba.

At age 13 began to apprentice in both Vodou ceremonies and Santeria initiations. (There was no “online class” – you had to pluck chicken feather and get your “hands dirty” – that is how you learned the secrets)

At age 18, graduated High School and the day after initiated my very first “vodou child”!

I also begin reading Wicca books around this time because it was just so accessible. All magic is similar in one-way or another as it uses elements from “earth” where we are all on!

At the age of 22, I enrolled in a school for Astrology and became a Certified Astrologer.

At age 24 graduated college and already had a following in my parents “Botanica” (Spanish for occult store), where I worked as a psychic medium / channeling spirits and speaking with the dead and tarot reading.

In my 30’s I decided to marry and raise a family.

Today, I’m a proud “nana”/grandma and helping to raise my grand-babies.

But Youtube community embraced me and made me feel as if I can continue to help others – so I’m semi-out-of-retirement, offering my advice online!

Thank you to all the beautiful people who show me much love and continue to support me.

This site is for YOU!

God bless,
Bella Isis