Initiation Path To Take


To Initiate or Not, That is the Question!

Whether you are initiating into Wicca, Vodou, Santera or other – please understand that these are genuine religions – not spellwork.

A religion has “rules” and regulations that usually must be adhered to. Most religions require a life-long commitment, so before you initiate make sure you:

  • Fully understand exactly what it is you are getting into! (What is required of you now and in the future, if there is an “out” in case you change your mind, etc.)
  • Who you are initiating under. Lots of scams out there — be wise and careful!
  • Understand what you areĀ truly seeking. Are you seeking to simply use magic and connection with divinity as a tool for self-empowerment – or are you seeking to “belong” and feel a spiritual calling (just like Catholic priests feel called to the priesthood).

It all begins with honest analysis of what your goals are, what you sincerely need and if that particularly religion “fits” with your perspective of the world.

While I am an ordained priestess in both Vodou and Santeria and have many initiates – I do not “sell” initiations.

If you want magic – I can teach you.

If you want to connect with divinity – I can show you the way.

If you are seeking a “title” so you can scam others – No Way Jose! (Be GONE! Lol)

However, if you are genuinely seeking either Vodou or Santeria initiations, I suggest obtaining a Tarot Reading first to begin the discussion and to answer any questions you may have regarding each path.