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Fast Love Spells

Many people want fast love spells that work instantly – and it can happen, but it really does depend on your circumstances.

If your situation is say easy like you desire someone to notice you – then light a candle and SMILE at them. You will see that they WILL notice you.

What happens next depends on availability (are they single, are the not?) and personality (are they shy?).

However, sometimes things are more complex and require TIME for the spell to work.

Lets’ say for example you and your ex had a terrible fight where you hurt each others’ feelings/ego and now you want to get back together again and give it another try.

But they are still hurt. They don’t want to talk to you – much less get back together again. Or worse, they’ve “moved on” with someone else!

A simple candle spell might work but it will take more than one.

You will have to break down the emotional barriers/wall they have because their ego/feelings were hurt. They may need to be separated from the person they are currently with – unless you don’t mind being in a threesome!

So please, when casting spells use logic.

Analyze the situation. Consider the obstacles and be realistic as to guesstimating how long you may have to wait before getting your desires.

Then cast a spell to REMOVE the problems as well as GET your desired results – and in no time you will make your wishes come true!