Money Spells During CoronaVirus

World-wide pandemic has affected both rich and poor.

However, those who are the working class, the ones that hold up their countries economy are wondering… what do I do next? How do I pay June’s bills?

We are facing a depression folks. One that hasn’t been seen – ever!

This pandemic is so terrible that when you go out – you are afraid to come close to someone else.

How can business go on as “usual” afterwards?

I have many, many people asking me for help during these times. I have even stopped charging for tarot readings, and simply ask for an Amazon gift card donation (if you can).

But moving forward, you need to lay your fear ASIDE – and put on your thinking cap!

Money Spells During Tough Economic times

➼ If you can, light a small tea-light (or make your own candle – watch here), and pray to your guardian angel to make a way for you.

➼ Offer a little bit of your “left over food” on your plate to Eshu (Vodou/Santeria) and ask him to please open doors for you to get out of this crisis.

➼ Pray to God/Goddess of your choice and make a promise that if they “X” you will “Y” (substitute X and Y for whatever you desire them to do and what you will do in return) – but remember to do it when it works.

➼ Train. If you are at home due to a mandatory “stay-at-home” order by your local government, use this time to learn a new skill or even start a new business online.

This too shall pass. But you need to be “ready” for when it does, SPRING into action and improve your life.

This is natures’ “reset”. Use this time to plan ahead and create the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Stay safe!

Bella Isis