Candle Lighting


Request your candle petition/spell to be burned by Bella Isis privately on your behalf!

Just select how many prayer candles you desire to be lit below and provide your prayer requests/details.

All information is kept 100% private and confidential!

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Candle Lighting Service On Your Behalf!

If you do not want to or cannot light candles privately in your home with your prayer petitions (see video below), Bella Isis will do it for you privately on her temple altar!

We will need:

  1. Your Full Name and Birth Date (month/day/year)

  2. The Full Names’ of ALL person(s) connected with your prayer request.

  3. ONE (maximum 2) goals stately clearly for the intention of the candle.

All you have to do is provide the above and select how many candles, do you wish Bella Isis to light for you.

(Example, 1 jar candle typically lasts 3 to 5-7 days).

What You Will Get:

  • Bella Isis lights your petition candle(s) on her altar per your prayer request (no candle is shipped).

  • A picture and report is sent to you by email of your candle¬†after it has completely finished burning.

Note: if selecting more than 1 candle to be burned, all candles will be burned sequentially (after one jar candle finishes, another will be burned, etc…)

For example, if you purchase 3 candles to be lit for you – after one candle is lit and finishes, you will receive a report. Then Bella will light the 2nd candle and once that finishes, you will receive a report; and so on.

Here’s a Youtube video where Bella Isis teaches you how to do it yourself (and the exact process she does for you. She will add to your candle the appropriate oils, herbs, etc… per your specific candle petition goal).

Important: There are NO REFUNDS simply due to the fact the candles are actually burned on Bella Isis altar.

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How Many Do You Want Lit?

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