Emailed Consultation

$45.00 $30.00

Ask 1 to 3 questions privately to Bella Isis, receive your tarot reading interpretation by email within 48 hours!



Emailed Tarot Reading / Consultation by Bella Isis

Do you have questions and want a tarot reading for answers?

Receive a tarot reading by email directly from Bella Isis!

This is a TEXT-ONLY reading where Bella Isis will do your tarot reading and provide a response by email within 48 hours of purchase.

The reading includes a photo of your tarot cards layout as they were pulled by Bella Isis herself.

Your Tarot Reading by Email Includes:

  • Answers to your 1 to 3 questions.

  • Emailed photo and interpretation within 48 hours of purchase.

*** IMPORTANT: Please do not ask questions about health, financial or legal advice. It is against the law for psychics to give any advice pertaining these subject matters. Seek the appropriate professionals in these fields to answer those types of questions.