Spells Casting

Are you seeking help with manifesting a desire that on till now has not come true?

Spells are a great way to do it!

I offer the following services to help you:

Free Spell Videos

These are all hosted on my Youtube Channel and are geared for those that want to watch, learn, do.

However, Youtube “censors” videos so alot of stuff I cannot show there. It would get flagged. (Has happened before when I uploaded a video with a penis-shaped candle!).

So, I only put “baby” spells that you can still do, and they still work – but are PG-rated.

View them on my Blog > Free Videos posts or on my Youtube Channel #LearnSpellCasting.

Take A Class

Want to see the naughty “forbidden” spells not allowed on Youtube? Want insider secrets that I will not share with the public? I’m talking stuff like how to “bind” someone with their semen or pubes! (Ewww! Yes, I now but these are some super-duper STRONG, long-lasting spells. Just wear gloves. LOL).

Learn more about Spell Courses and Classes – here.

Light Candles Service – by donation! (coming soon!)

In the summer, my kids are going on vacation with the grand-babies, and I have lots of free time.

This is the perfect time to light 5-7 day candles on your behalf. I pray over them, add the corresponding herbs, oils, curious and place it on my altar for you.

This service is by donation only to help defray my costs for purchasing the candles and ingredients for you. Stay tuned when this is available (I’m aiming for Summer 2019).

Want to Discuss A Spell? Need “specific” help with your spell?

If you just want some coaching, I am available on a 1-on-1 basis, but due to limited time, I offer this as a Tarot Reading.