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Witch School

Updated January 7, 2020

I have good news and bad news.

Good news first:

  1. I will do the witch school for FREE in 2020 via Youtube (and post it on Instagram and Facebook and any other social media that is hot).
  2. You can still ask me for specific spell advice – (Tarot Reading here)

Bad news:

Due to Youtube’s very strict content guidelines and policies – I cannot teach some of the most controversial spells that I taught in the previous private group (like the domination spell using urine, and how to destroy an enemy with feces!)

I won’t sugar coat it, Youtube has stricter rules now, and they will immediately delete any video they deem sensitive or too controversial.

Why won’t I teach online again like last year? Because the last class that I was going to teach, WordPress (the platform that I teach on) crashed.

Then I tried a third-party teaching platform called “Thinkific” and they immediately banned me due to the controversial spells that have never been seen or done before “live”.

So, the Internet is not ready for me or these spells!

I had to cancel and refund all those students who pre-registered.

Until I can find a different solution, from now on – its “free” Youtube, rated PG videos only.

However, you can still ask me specific questions via a Tarot Reading.